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Amazon product review

We are going to explain to you how to know when you are buying something from Amazon directly or in Marketplace, than the method with which third parties are allowed to sell their products in the online store. These third-party products are so well integrated into Amazon that if a user does not notice or know that it exists, he may not realize that he is not buying something directly from Amazon. Therefore, we are going to try to make you know where you have to look to know who you are buying a product from when you are on Amazon. Everything is always in view, and as soon as you learn the indications that the web gives you, you will not need to consult our guide again, but at least we will help you to know this feature.

Amazon Marketplace is a kind of online market, in which Amazon allows other external sellers to incorporate their products to the Amazon page. In this way, if you are looking for something and Amazon does not sell it, you will always have the possibility of finding it available in the catalog of these sellers.

In this way, Amazon obtains the benefit of being able to expand its catalog, offering both other new products and a whole repertoire of second-hand or collector’s products. In return, businesses benefit from the visibility of being on Amazon, and even being able to benefit from its logistics system for delivery. Come on, an old record store no longer needs to set up an online store, it can do everything for Amazon.

Amazon Marketplace products are integrated in different ways directly into the Amazon shopping experience. This means that you will not need to enter any section of the Marketplace on purpose, since products that are only available through third parties are displayed almost the same as if they were sold by Amazon.

For the user, the problem is that if they do not look closely, they may not know when they are not buying from Amazon directly. It is not because the online store does not say it in the purchase form, but more than anything because the indications do not look large, and when an inexperienced user does not look at it, everything may seem the same at first glance. Amazon gives you guarantees that the purchase is reliable, and in fact allows you to easily return the products purchased in the Marketplace by simply entering the Returns Center. However, when you do not realize that you are buying something from another store, you may also be overlooking something important, and that is the condition of the product.

Amazon divides the status of the Marketplace products into four different ones, and it will always tell you. When you buy a product from another seller, it may be brand new, but also used as new but with open packaging, used in good condition, or simply used in good condition. Sometimes, if the second-hand product is much cheaper than the new one, the second-hand product will be indicated on the main page of the product. You have to be attentive.